Miniature Fashion Dummies

The concept for miniature fashion dummies developed after I had completed Hats in Miniature in 1998.

I really enjoy fashion pattern cutting but I am 'past' sewing for other people.  

I particularly enjoy 'period fashion'.

I have scale male and female fashion dummies, however, in my view, they are a bit 'dumpy' for displaying garments to their best potential.

Over the centuries fashion designers have designed for the 'perfect figure'.  When the 'perfect figure' wasn't available, they resorted to corsetry to 'create' the desired 'form' for their fashion designs.

I constructed many dummies until I was happy with the shape.  Then I realized different proportions were required for the varying fashion eras.  Now I have a few variable shapes in my collection.

The images are 'thumbnails' - click on the images for a larger photo. 

Scroll down and see the developments.........

'Originals' patterns and making instructions for  Florence, Bruce, Dianna and Charlotte are now available for purchase $24.00 USD (4 patterns)

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The dummies can 'stand alone' and be embellished with hand or machine embroidery, or  fabric you have created with machine embroidery or.............



Meet Baxter.......

He is the man of the group.

He could be dressed  as a  'theme'.....

 college graduate 'gown', a 'waiter'......

I envisage him in Elizabethan period costume, like

'Shakespeare in love'.

Baxter stands approx.47cm (18") tall.


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Dianna stands approx. (42cm. (16") tall.

Her proportions are suited to the Victorian and Edwardian period of costume.



Charlotte is the 'baby' 

She  stands approx. 40cm (15") tall.

I prefer her proportions for most fashion periods.  

She is especially nice for displaying a 'replica' of a bridal gown for the bride to keep as a memento of her 'special day'.    

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This is Letita

She is made from fabric

created on the machine.

Letita is made from the 

Charlotte pattern


Dress Form Bruce

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This is Bruce 

He is made from the

Baxter pattern

in fabric created on 

the machine.

'Dressing' the Dummies

I started to 'dress' the dummies.  I really do enjoy drafting the patterns and making the clothes. 

Creating this webpage has taken more time than I ever imagined, so I only have two garments that I am prepared to show, for the time being.  

I will 'try' to update this page once a month and keep you up to date showing how the 'dummies' are developing.

My Favourite books include:

Patterns for Fashion (c. 1560-1620) Patterns for Fashion 1  (c. 1660-1860) Patterns for Fashion 2  (c. 1860-1940)..............  

These are my absolute favourites; my inspiration.  

They were written by the late Janet Arnold.  I highly recommend them.


The Cut of Women's Clothes 1600-1930 & The Cut of Men's Clothes 1600-1900 by Norah Waugh.


I have too many books on historical fashion to mention here.  


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Inspiration for this design can be found on 

(pp 13A)

 Patterns for Fashion 2 by Janet Arnold. 

circa 1894-5

The London Museum

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Inspiration for this design can be found on 

(pp 12A)

 Patterns for Fashion 2 

by Janet Arnold. 

circa 1893

The London Museum

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