Letita is made from the 'Charlotte' pattern - the stand is a candle stick!

This is the best detail I can get on the digital camera. 

I do apologize, it is hard to see the fabric clearly.



On the left a detail of


I roughly stitched a printed polyester chiffon to a black/navy polyester taffeta - then I attached it with a heat gun, what fun.  Then I randomly stitched again; then I layered the surface with fine black tulle, scrunching the tulle, then away with the heat gun again.  I spasmodically sprinkled the surface with bonding powder and pressed metallic foil to this surface.  I had such fun!!!  Then I did a bit of rubbing with Shiva sticks and a bit more machine stitching.   I stitched some bead to the top bodice before it was stuffed - I added a few more beads after.


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