Hats in Miniature

When I was teaching the Hats Made Easy concept,  and carrying around sample hats, 30 kilos in weight,   I decided to make miniature hats to illustrate how the same hat design could be varied by changing the fabric and/or the trim.  

Well, the little hats were such a big success, my second book, Hats in Miniature 'was born', published by Sterling Publishers, New York, in June 1999.



25th. May, 2003


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Miniature hats on a stand are a wonderful disguise for 'potpourri' oils, dabbed on a cotton wool ball and tucked into the crown.  A candle stick makes a nice stand.

The following, are some of the 18 designs featured in the book and can be resized to fit any doll or bear.

The Basic Hat 


Easter Parade

The Top Hat

Chefs' Hat

The Basic Beret


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