Please Note:     Baxter

Has not been designed for a Fashion Doll

Baxter is a Male dress form

This Dress Form is to enable sewing enthusiasts

to embellish and decorate him to suit a 'decor' or 'theme'

his measurements are..

Chest 39cm (15 inches) Waist 32cm (12 inches) Hip 37cm (14 inchesBody height 31cm (12 inches)

He stands 48.5 cm High (19 inches) on his stand


Patterns are for the Dress Form, Stand and making instructions


Price   $10.00 USD

Dale Rollerson at has a great collection of thread and bits and pieces and amazing ideas and concepts for creating embellishment - her students do some fabulous work!

Click here to purchase

Click here for 'Fluer', the female dress form




  see the Fluer page for ideas of embellishment of Dress Forms

to the left - this fabric was made from scraps of thread, stitched onto soluble fabric





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