Fashion Patterns for Matt O'Neill



In time, I will be creating more Fashion Patterns for Matt.



These patterns have all seam allowance.



Because, people, generally have some 'dressmaking knowledge',  how to instructions are not included...

I decided that this was the best way to keep costs down!

The Patterns for......

After Dark Jacket  $12.00 USD

After Dark Pant & Cummberbund - $12.00 USD

After Dark Shirt (3 collars styles) - $12.00 USD

Style 7 Jacket - $12.00 USD

Jeans - $9.00 USD

I have written instructions, for separate purchase, for those who need 'how to' instructions - The instructions are step-by-step



Sew A Jacket for a Fashion Doll (14 pages) - $12.00USD

Sew Pant/Trousers for a Fashion Doll  (8 pages)- $10.00USD

Sew a Shirt for a Fashion Doll (8 pages) - $10.00USD

'Click' here for Purchase Page for Patterns for Fashion Dolls



After Dark Ensemble

Both Jackets

To show what a difference the fabric makes!


After Dark Ensemble

Detail of collar


After Dark Ensemble

Showing Shirt & Pants



After Dark Ensemble

With Shirt, Pant and Cummberbund








Style 7

Single breasted Jacket


Style 7

Back vent 'optional


Jeans 'working pocket'


Jeans Back View


Back View detail






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