Hats for Fashion Dolls

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Please, do not purchase the 'update' if you do not have copy of Hats in Miniature.  You need to have the information in Hats in Miniature for the 'update' to be of any use!

The full version of Hats for Fashion Dolls has all the instructions and all the pattens.

You will need Acrobat Reader 6 ....  download a free version .......



Hats for Fashion Dolls, the complete version, .pdf format 'zipped' sent as an email attachment.

If you have a 'broadband' internet connection the 'complete version' can be sent as an email attachment. The files are 'zipped' in .pdf format - they are large - the book is 3.13 mb and the patterns 351 KB!

The Price is $25 USD, sent as an email attachment!

Hats for Fashion Dolls, 'Update' version, now available, sent as an email attachment........

There are 2 'zipped files' in .pdf format, one is 1.01 mb and one is 351 KB - they are large, so be sure you are able to download them.  

You need a 'broadband' email connection to be (cable or ADSL.) 

The Price is $15 USD,  sent as an email attachment!


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