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The people I had in mind were 'sewers' and dressmakers, most of whom have a 'stash' of fabrics that are too big to throw out and not really big enough to do anything with. (except quilts and dolls clothes)    I know this from personal experience.  

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed creating with fabric and threads.  I graduated in Art/Design/Textiles in 1980 and completed my studies Fashion Design and Apparel Manufacture in 1990.

I combined my millinery and pattern cutting skills to create fashion hats from fashion fabric.  The added advantage is that the hat can be made to fit any size head, be it  male or  female.  The fabric choice makes the difference.


The design on the cover of the book is made from Hessian (wheat bag),  a patchwork of scraps of fashion fabric for the trim and under brim, stitched with metallic thread and trimmed gold lame`.

Fabric Fashion Hats are just so easy to maintain - a 'press' with a steam iron revives them in no time.  My samples are crushed into a suitcase and students are always amazed at how they, generally, just 'popped up' out of the suitcase.

The Basic Design

This pattern is included in the book in 5 sizes and can be adapted by varying the height  the crown and width of the brim.  Vary the width of the brim edged to vary the style.  

How to do this is included in the book, including how to grade the pattern size.


I decided to reduce the size of the images to 'thumbnails' for speed  on download - those interested in an example - click on the image for a larger view.

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Here is an example of the basic brim, widened, that is all that I did - plus the fabric and the trim.  

This particular hat worn to the 1994 Melbourne Cup.

The following hat designs are 'post' book publication with the view to showing how the same design can be altered with the fabric, trim or simply altering the width of the brim.

The width of the Basic Brim has been shortened for this model.

This was worn to the Perth Cup in 1999.

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The following selection was featured in an article in The Australian Stitches magazine a year or so ago.  

They are scans of photographs I took in the back garden.  

The pattern comprises a slight variation to the Basic Hat.

The top of the side crown as been widened, 

'darts' we put in the brim patterns to slope it into the face, just a little; 

this enables the option of wearing  the brim turned up or down.  

There are 3 variations to the brim width.  The 'trim' alters the 'style' of the hat.

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View 1 & 2

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View 2 & 3

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View 3 & 4

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View 5 & 6

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View 7 & 8

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I have scanned in some 'home' photographs of hats.  

I thought some of you might like to see additional designs.

  Please forgive the quality of the photos!

Click on this text for additional hat designs

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