Hats for Fashion Dolls

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This book has 16 Hat designs in 14 to16 sizes

This is 'self published' pdf book available for 'download' as an email attachment  $25 USD 

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An 'update' version of Hats for Fashion Dolls is available for people who have purchased Hats in Miniature.  

These files will be sent as an email attachment - they a big files so you must be sure that your email server/account will allow large downloads.  The 'update book' is 1.01mb and the patterns is 351kb KB 'zipped files'.  The 'Update', downloaded is $15 USD.


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When I was teaching the Hats Made Easy concept,  and carrying around sample hats, 30 kilos in weight,   I decided to make miniature hats to illustrate how the same hat design could be varied by changing the fabric and/or the trim.  

Hats in Miniature 'was born', published by Sterling Publishers, New York, in June 1999.  This book is now 'Out of Print' -  May 2003.

Miniature hats on a stand are a wonderful disguise for 'potpourri' oils, dabbed on a cotton wool ball and tucked into the crown.  A candle stick makes a nice stand.

Basic Beret


Race Day

5 Piece Crown

Race Day 'brim'

The Peak

Easter Parade

6 Piece Beret


Easter Parade

Sports Cap


Easter Parade

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