Please Note:     Fluer

Has not been designed for a Fashion Doll

This Dress Form is to enable sewing enthusiasts

to embellish and decorate her  to suit a 'decor' or 'theme'

Her measurements are..

Bust 30 cm (12 inches) -Waist 19 cm (7 inches) - Hip 31 cm (12 inches) - body height 28 cm (11 inches)

She stands 47 cm High (18 inches) on her stand


Patterns are for the Dress Form,  Stand and making instructions


Price   $10.00 USD


Dale Rollerson at http://www.thethreadstudio.com/ has a great collection of thread and bits and pieces and amazing ideas and concepts for creating embellishment - her students do some fabulous work!

Click here to purchase

Click here for 'Baxter', the male dress form


  These dress forms can be 'finished' in may ways; just some ideas, below - it is up to your 'imagination and creativity'  


of the 'Originals' patterns

Right is Gypsy
Left is Toots

Hand painted
Machine Embroidered



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