Dress Form & Sloper patterns to fit the following Fashion Dolls..... 

These Patterns are for personal use.  

All right reserved.  No portion of these patterns or instructions may be reproduced in any form.

Please acknowledge Pattern source if making for re-sale


Alexander Fairchild Coquette Cissy    Ken   Royalty Veronique
American Model CED    Kitty Collier   Sister Dreary/Geisha by Tonner
Ann Estelle (8") Emme    Lara Croft by Tonner    Tiny Kitty
Ann Estelle (10") 1998 Emme 2005    Man of Honor   Trent Osborn
Barbie Ellowyne Wilde    Marilyn Monroe   Tyler Wentworth
Barbie (Silkstone)  Evangeline Ghastly   Marley Wentworth     'Originals' not for fashion dolls 
Batman by Tonner  Fashion Royalty 2007   Matt O'Neill    Baxter  not for fashion dolls 
Betsy McCall 8" Gene    Michael (10" Ann Estelle)   Fluer    not for fashion dolls 
Brenda Starr  Harry Potter Miss Revlon-VT 18  Goldilocks  2009- Effanbee 
Butterfly Ring  Hermoine Granger   Mrs. Willowby's class   Bella/Judy (15" Tonner teenage body)
Cissy 'Homme' (male) by Jason Wu    Riley    Fancy Nancy (Effanbee)
  Jessica - Tonner Club Jane 14"       Antoinette by Tonner

Each purchase of Dress Form & Sloper patterns includes  'How to instructions' for - .....


Adaption for Knits, Alter Body Rise', 'A' line Skirt into a 'full' Skirt, Shift Dress Draft, Make a Collar,  Easing Seams, Making overall pattern.


A fee of $10.00 USD is payable for replacement patterns! 


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I am the author of the books Hats Made Easy and Hats in Miniature and Hats for Fashion Dolls.

In recent year I have be developing patterns for Miniature Fashion Dummies/Dress Forms.

The original group of '4', Florence, Dianna, Charlotte and Baxter, were made to my preferred measurements.  

There are now Dress Forms patterns available, with measurements to suit some of the more popular  'Fashion Dolls'.


Hats for Chef's is another project!


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